Following the very first day I cooked, I was waiting for the entire family to wake up in the morning and tell me that the food was digested. I was so scared that even my dog will spit out my food. Well, things changed. 3 years of hard work and consistent learning has made me a good cook. My day starts and ends in my kitchen. One day, I thought, ‘Why not start a blog?!’ to speak to like minded people who have just found their flair for cooking.

I dedicate this blog to my mother-in-law who has taught me and is teaching me all her secret recipes, do’s and dont’s in the kitchen and her small but powerful tips. She has over 40 years of experience in running the family. I cannot get a better teacher, right?

I am a freelance software developer by profession. I spend about 5 hours a day with my laptop and 5 hours in the Kitchen and house hold chores. Guess, I have found my own way of balancing work and life.

All recipes in my blog were tried out by me. Most of them were taught by my mother in law.

Please feel free to comment on the recipes. And DO try them and get back to me with your valuable feedback!


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