Vazhathandu Dosa



Vazhathandu – 1 foot long

Idli Rice (Pulunghazh Arisi) – 200 g

Raw Rice (Patcharisi) – 200g

R.Chillies – 6 – 8

Tamarind Water – 3-4 tspn (if thick) or 10 tspn (if watery)

Rock Salt – 1 1/2 tspn

To Soak:

Soak Idli Rice and Raw Rice for 4 hours.

Tip to cut vazhathandu:

1. When cutting vazhathandu, try to remove the thread inside by roatating the piece.

2. Drop the pieces in water which has 2 tspns of curd.

To Grind in the mixie:

1. Grind Vazhathandu pieces, Red chillies, salt, tamarind water in a mixie. (We grind it in the mixie first because vazhathandu doesn’t grind smooth in the grinder if put directly as pieces)

To Grind in the Grinder:

1. Start the grinder. When the drum is rotating, add soaked Idli Rice & Raw Rice.

2. Add the ground vazhathandu mixture to this.

3. Grind everything for 30 minutes till the mixture is smooth.

4. Transfer the mixture (dosa maavu) to another vessel. Garnish with Curry leaves, Coriander and mustard seeds.

5. This maavu can be used to make dosas immediately. Does not need overnight fermenting.

6. Make crispy dosas.


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